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How do I file bond on a construction project?

We have created detailed instructions and a checklist covering what to do, when and where and we have included them with your bond claim documents.

Can I file a lawsuit if a bond claim is not paid?

After the claim has been sent to the General Contractor and Bond Company, you cannot file suit on a bond claim for the first sixty days (60).If, however, you are unable to settle your dispute within that time, you must file a lawsuit against the bond before the expiration of one (1) year from the filing date of the bond. If you fail to file suit within this time period, your claim against the bond will expire.

What is a construction lien release?

In the mechanics lien process, a lien release is a document filed with the Property Records Office which requests to remove a lien previously filed in a property. The lien release states the claim filed has been paid and releases any rights to file a new lien for the amount paid.

When should I file a lien release?

Texas Property Code indicates that a lien release should be filed with the County Property Records Office after the claim has been paid and no later than ten (10) days after the written request has been received. In other words, time does not start until the request to release a lien has been sent to the contractor/supplier in writing.You must also make sure all the checks given to you have been cleared and the debt is 100% satisfied before signing the lien release.

What information do I need to get a lien release?

The County Property Records Office assigns a “Document number” to the lien previously recorded. This number must be included in the document along with the project address (and/or legal property description), the name and company information of the entity that had the lien filed and is now removing.If you created the lien affidavit with Texas Easy Lien, you will just need your Document number to create your lien release, all other information required has been saved with your project.

Who should prepare and file the lien release with the County Property Records Office?

The lien release should be signed and notarized by the same person (contractor) who filed the mechanic’s lien.Preparing and filing the document itself can be done by the interested party (i.e. the project owner) or any other individual.

Is a lien release the same thing as a lien waiver?

No. Depending on where you are the definition of a lien waiver changes. In most places, a lien waiver is a “receipt” that states the debtor (person who owes a balance) has paid in full the debt and that payment was accepted waiving right to place a lien on the property.A lien waiver is the document used before filing a lien.A lien release (or lien cancellation) is the document that releases a lien that has already been filed.

Do I have to file a lien release if I am still owed money on the project?

If you have been paid for the month you filed a lien on a property and you received the request to release the lien, then you should sign a lien release. However, if you are still owed for more months and filed a lien(s) for them as well, those liens should remain in place until the balance gets paid.