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Texas Easy Lien - The easiest, most affordable way to file a mechanic’s lien

With Texas Easy Lien, you can prepare your own construction lien and bond claim documents online. No expensive attorney, finding a notary or waiting. Within minutes, you can do it yourself and save thousands of dollars.

Pick the document you need

Choose from pre-lien notices, lien affidavits, bond claims, and lien releases.

Enter your information

Answer a few questions about the project, and confirm the information is correct or make changes—-all before you pay.

Add other services

For the fastest and easiest process, add electronic notary, filing, and mailing services to your cart and pay.

Complete the process

Immediately after checkout, access your secure, private dashboard to sign, notarize, file and mail all your documents directly. That’s it!

If the county regulations do not allow you to file your documents online, do not worry! We provide detailed instructions for mailing and in-person filing with every purchased document. Plus, you can print your documents from your dashboard as many times as you need at no extra cost.

Best of All?
Access the property’s correct details and legal description through our extensive Statewide database. – ALL FREE –

Why choose Texas Easy Lien?

You deserve to get paid for your work—-without having to spend a fortune. Protect your lien rights and get your money with Texas Easy Lien

Fast & Easy

Prepare, review, edit and approve any document BEFORE you pay—all in less than 15 minutes.

All Online

File from your computer or mobile device and track the progress of your lien—anytime, anywhere.

100% Legal

Get peace of mind all legal documents are drafted by attorneys certified in Texas Construction Lien laws.


Spend a fraction of the price to prepare, notarize and file liens in Texas, even for small claims.

Exceptional Support

Get 24/7 support via Live Chat in English or Spanish.

Property Insight Portal

Free access to a Statewide property database for accurate information and legal descriptions, fixing errors as needed (before final payment).

What it costs

With Texas Easy Lien, you save time and money. Compare our prices to what it costs to hire an attorney and see how much more affordable we are.

Pre-Lien Notice

$ 29 Monthly
  • Send a pre-lien notice for each month you aren’t getting paid. (Not required for general contractors)

Lien Affidavit

$ 29 Monthly
  • File a mechanic’s lien against a property in Texas. (For all types of contractors and suppliers)

Lien Release

$ 29 Monthly
  • Remove a mechanic’s lien filed on a property. (For contractors, suppliers and property owners)

Bond Claim

$ 29 Monthly
  • File a bond claim against a public construction project in Texas. (For subcontractors and sub-subcontractors owed on State or City projects)

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