How to file a Bond Claim

Step by Step Guide

on how to file a bond claim on the property in Texas

Filing a Bond Claim

If you are working and are owed on a government Public Works project, a bond claim is the document that should be filed. Liens are not allowed on public owned property so General Contractors must have a bond for the benefit of its subcontractors and sub-subcontractors.

To file a bond claim you will need:

Project name and address

Name and mailing address of the surety (bonding company) and the bond number. If you do not have this information from the general contractor, the project owner should be able to can provide you the bond information by phone or email;

General contractor’s name and last known mailing address.

Bond claimants are also required to send notices, depending on your role in the project, these notices have different deadlines.

The bond claim should be accompanied of a Sworn Statement of Account. We will provide you with all the required documents including step by step instructions.


Create, print and sign the Notice of Bond Claim and Sworn Statement of Account;


Notarize the Sworn Statement of Account;


Print and include copies of the written invoices, payment applications, contract, and draw requests.


Mail all documents to the original (prime) contractor and Bond (surety) company.

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