How Do I Find the Legal Property Description?

To file a mechanic’s lien, you will need several pieces of information. One of the first is the street address and legal description of the property you worked on or delivered supplies.

How is the legal description different from the street address?

Many street addresses are similar. For example, there can be 101 Sunset Avenue and 101 Sunset Place, and they are different addresses. There could be 101 Southeast Sunset Avenue or N.E. Sunset Avenue.

The legal property description is a detailed real estate description to identify the property for legal purposes. Each piece of property has a unique description that looks similar to this:

Lot 31, Block 2, of North Hill Country Subdivision #1.

Each piece of property has different details, and the wrong street address will result in an invalid lien.

How can I find the legal description of a piece of property?

Generally, you can find the legal description on the property deed, and the county appraiser’s office is the easiest place to find this information. In Texas, tax appraisal district information is open to the public.

Search online for the specific county where the job was located and the words tax appraisal records.

For instance, if your job was in San Marcos, you would look for Hays County, Texas, appraisal district records and find the records database. At the top of the page, click on property search and enter the street address of the property you’re looking for. Next, copy the legal description and verify that the information you have, i.e. the owner’s name, matches the one in the property title.

Finding property titles on tax appraisal websites is not always easy. Many counties have complicated databases that restrict broad searches and take time and effort to find a property deed. Although it is best to have the legal description in the lien affidavit, you can still use the street address of the project, and your lien will be filed and valid.

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