How Online Filing Services Work

A Guide to Online Filing with Texas Easy Lien

Texas Easy Lien not only offers online preparation of lien documents; you can also notarize, file, and even mail all your lien documents from your computer or mobile device to save money and get paid faster for your work.

Notarizing, Filing, and Mailing Online is Fast, Secure, Legitimate and Affordable.

Why hire an expensive lawyer when you can file electronically in minutes?

Contrary to popular belief among contractors, suppliers, and many professionals who work in the construction industry, hiring an attorney is not the only option for drafting, notarizing, and filing lien documents. Texas Easy Lien has developed an electronic process designed to efficiently meet the Texas Property Code requirements.

Through our online platform, you can conveniently complete all essential documents and services online, offering a convenient, cost-effective, and time-saving alternative to hiring a lawyer. The entire process is simple and straightforward, but if you need some help or have any questions, we are always here to help.

*Note: Some counties do not accept online filing. In this case, you will need to take or mail your notarized document(s) to the corresponding county office. Visit our FAQ page to see which counties accept electronic filing.

Our online filing services are as legitimate as what law offices do. Just a whole lot faster.

How online filing services work in your Texas Easy Lien Dashboard:

Select. Complete. Approve.

Choose, complete, review, and approve the appropriate document and add it to your cart.

Unsure of which document(s) you need or how to complete them? Visit the Deadline to file a lien page to determine the document you must complete and get step-by-step instructions.

Add “Notary,” “Filing” and “Mailing” to Cart. Pay.

After you have reviewed, approved, and added the document to your cart, you will have the option to add the online services available to your specific document, like Notary, Filing, and Mailing (see pricing below). 

Want to use your own notary? No problem. Add only filing and mailing services and proceed to checkout. 

Notarize Your Document In 5 Minutes Or Less.

From your Dashboard, click on to start the notarization process with our integrated partner. Create an account, verify your identity (a US identification document is required), and connect with the notary who will be ready with your document.

Access a notary 24/7. All you need is camera and microphone access from your device.

If you use your own notary, download, print, and notarize. Scan and upload the notarized document to your Dashboard and submit it to the County for filing. 

File Your Documents. 

After notarizing your document, simply click on and select “Submit” to send it to the County Office. That’s it! Within a few hours, you will receive an email with the filing update.

Mail the notices by USPS Certified Mail® With Return Receipt. 

After your document was signed (for Pre-lien Notices) or filed with the County (Lien Affidavits), click on from your Dashboard to view who will receive copies of your documents, add more recipients if necessary, and select “Send Mail” (all the required parties will be included in the original fee). 

Track And Download Delivery Forms.

Track and download the Proof of Acceptance and the (Electronic) Return Receipt from your dashboard. Print the USPS® forms you may need to legally verify you met the TEXAS PROPERTY CODE MECHANIC’S LIEN NOTICE REQUIREMENTS.

Filing Services Pricing

Online Notary

$ 29 Monthly
  • Notarize your document(s) from any device in just a few minutes. Available 24/7.

Online Filing

$ 29 Monthly
  • Get your documents filed online with County Property Records Offices across the State. 

Mail Delivery

$15 per recipient
$ 29 Monthly
  • Mail copies of your documents via USPS® Certified Mail/Return Receipt. Track deliveries and download official USPS® forms.