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Affordable Lien Services Made Easy

Prepare, notarize, file, and mail your construction lien documents in Texas much faster and more affordable than hiring an attorney.

Everything You Need to File a Construction Lien in Texas—Without the Extra Time and Cost.

Texas Easy Lien offers the services you need at a price you can afford.

Do you need to get paid for your work in Texas? We can help! Our affordable, comprehensive lien services provide official mechanic’s lien documents to all contractors, subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, and suppliers who want to get paid faster for their work.

Our secure online platform allows you to complete, notarize, file, and mail your documents in as little as 15 minutes. We guide you through the process and give you the power to file yourself, saving you time and thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

100% online—no lawyers or in-person filing needed

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Pre-Lien Notice

$ 29 Monthly
  • Send a pre-lien notice for each month that goes unpaid.

Lien Affidavit

$ 29 Monthly

Lien Release

$ 29 Monthly
  • Remove a mechanic’s lien filed on a property.

Bond Claim

$ 29 Monthly
  • Prepare and send a bond claim notice to the Surety company.

Online Notary

$ 29 Monthly
  • Access and notarize your documents online anytime, anywhere, from any device. A notary will have your document ready for you.

Online Filing

$ 29 Monthly
  • Streamline mechanic’s lien affidavits and lien releases with online filing. Skip trips and long lines at the county—save time and money by handling it all conveniently from your desk or the job site.


$15 per recipient
$ 29 Monthly
  • We send every piece of mail via USPS® Certified Mail - Return Receipt Requested. Send, track, download, and print all the delivery USPS® forms you may need to legally verify you met the TEXAS PROPERTY CODE MECHANIC’S LIEN NOTICE REQUIREMENTS. 

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