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Lien Services made EASY!

Prepare, notarize, and file your construction lien documents in Texas — all online.



Send a pre-lien notice for each month that goes unpaid. (Not required for general contractors )



File a mechanic’s lien against a property in Texas. (All types of contractors and suppliers)



File a bond claim against a public construction project in Texas.(For subcontractors and sub-subcontractors owed on State or City projects)



Remove a mechanic’s lien filed on a property. (For contractors, suppliers AND property owners )

Lien Services

Our comprehensive lien services provide official mechanic’s lien documents to all contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, sub-subcontractors, and anyone not getting paid after working on construction projects across the State of Texas

Our process is so easy and efficient, you can expect document completion and anytime access within 15 minutes! Plus, you can notarize and file your documents from your Account Dashboard—all online, safely and easily. Rather file in person with the county office? No problem. Our lien services include detailed instructions with each document purchased that will explain what comes next and how to proceed. 

Click on the links below to see examples of some of the legal documents we prepare for you.

Pre-lien Notice Letter-
Subcontractors are required to file a pre-lien notice either before or when they file a lien affidavit.

Lien Affidavit-
A lien affidavit is filed in the county property records to give notice to the public that you have not been paid and you are claiming a lien.

Lien Release-
This is the document that releases and dismisses a lien that was previously filed with the County Property Records.

Notice of Bond Claim-
This is the document that is submitted to a bonding company (the insurance carrier) which gives them notice that you have not been paid and you are a person or entity is making a claim against the bond.