Refund Policy and Online Services

Regarding Online Services and Refunds

We strive to provide transparent and efficient services

Regarding Online Services and Refunds

At Texas Easy Lien, we strive to provide transparent and efficient services to our valued customers. We want to ensure clarity on certain responsibilities and processes regarding the purchase and utilization of our online services:

1. Execution of Documents: The purchaser of lien documents is solely responsible for executing signatures, notarizations, filings, mailings, and any other services acquired from Texas Easy Lien.

2. Notarization Process: If the purchased document is verified through in-person notarization, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure a valid notarization and timely upload of the notarized document for filing.

3. Timely Compliance: While we strive to support our customers in their payment recovery endeavors, it is imperative for purchasers to adhere to the required timelines and actions for any purchased document. We may send periodic reminders to aid in this process; however, the ultimate responsibility lies with the purchaser.

You may not upload any type of lien document for filing other than the documents sold by Texas Easy Lien. TEL will not validate, notarize, file, or mail any document other than the ones purchased through its services.

Refund Policy:
We value customer satisfaction and stand behind the quality of our products. Due to the digital nature of our goods delivered via the Internet, document purchases are nonrefundable. However, refunds may be issued for additional online services paid for but not utilized, subject to a 5% fee deduction. It is solely the purchaser’s responsibility to thoroughly research products and available services before making a purchase.

We appreciate your trust in Texas Easy Lien.