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What costs should I include in my mechanics lien?

Getting paid on a commercial construction job is not always a sure thing. Unfortunately, contractors, subcontractors, materials suppliers, and licensed design professionals often spend countless hours chasing payment for work completed or supplied on a job. However, under Texas construction laws, there is a way to protect your payment rights. Meet the mechanics lien (also known as a construction lien).

How does a Mechanics Lien help me

A mechanics lien is an official document stating that either the contractor or the property owner owes you money for work completed on the property. The lien is filed in the official public property records, and it prevents the owner from doing anything with the property until your debt is paid. 

However, the mechanics lien filing process in Texas is rather complicated and involves providing specific information, as well as meeting state-mandated requirements. When preparing a mechanics lien, one of the most common questions is about what costs to include in the official mechanics lien affidavit. Since each individual case is different, we’ll take a look at the basics in this article.

How much does a mechanics lien cost?

One of the most common mistakes contractors make when filing a mechanics lien is claiming the wrong amount owed.  The amount stated in the lien affidavit as being owed should only be the amount outstanding for work that was already performed and/or the materials fabricated or provided for which payment has not been forthcoming.  

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