Didn’t Get Paid for Concrete Work?

What Should I Do if I Didn’t Get Paid for Concrete Work? Do I have contractor lien rights?

Just about every building project includes concrete, but it would surprise many people to know how much concrete goes into a job.

The Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association website lists how much concrete is used in some typical projects.

  • A residence easily includes 100 yards of concrete,
  • One mile of six-lane highway takes 15,000 yards of concrete,
  • A hospital requires 30,000 yards of concrete,
  • And a high School Football Stadium includes 100,000 yards of concrete!

You know prices for every aspect of your concrete projects are going up. Ready-mix? Labor? Fuel? All higher in 2022. You need to get paid to keep your business running.

What happens when general contractors or property owners don’t pay their concrete subs on time?

Do your contractor lien rights protect you?

Yes! The good news is that Texas State Statutes provide a tool called a Mechanic’s Lien that can help you get paid.

And no, not just for vehicle mechanics. In fact, this law allows a contractor to place a lien for services rendered on real property. The property owner can’t sell the property or get a loan against it until they pay you. So, your contractor lien rights give you leverage to get paid.

Who can file a mechanics lien in Texas?

Are you an original contractor or subcontractor, or did you provide services on a construction project? Landscape company? Did you fabricate materials for a specific job, or were you a design professional on a project? You may have contractor lien rights.

If you provide construction materials, you can be eligible. Construction material includes the supplies, machinery, or fixtures that become part of the project. It also provides for the cost of construction equipment rentals used or delivered for use on the construction site.

How do you use your contractor lien rights?

Depending on whether a job is commercial, residential, or a public project, there are different requirements.

Knowing the deadlines to file notices and liens is just as important as learning about a mechanics lien. For more information, review this article about deadlines for filing a lien.

You can see it’s essential to think about payment before you start the job or deliver supplies on a concrete project or other jobs. Stay up to date on your billing and keep track of those deadlines.

We know you’re busy, so Texas Easy Lien created our simple, easy-to-use online lien filing service. Protect your contractor lien rights by visiting TexasEasyLien.com today if you haven’t been paid for your concrete work.

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