Pre-lien Notice

What is a Pre-lien Notice Letter?

Also known as Pre-Lien Notice, Second Month Notice Letter, Third Month Notice Letter or Notice Letter, a Pre-lien Notice Letter is a notice that Contractors, Subcontractor and Sub-subcontractors and Suppliers are required to send to the construction project owner and general contractor to establish the right to file a lien in the event of non-payment.

The purpose of these notices are to inform the owner that a subcontractor has performed work or supplied materials that have not been paid. By giving notice, the project owner is allowed to retain payment from the general contractor.

These notices are bound by specific deadlines depending on the type of construction project and type of contractor. However, it is recommended that subcontractors send notice as soon as the amount owed is due so the project owner can withhold the debt amount prior to releasing the payment to the general contractor.

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