Lien Affidavit

How to find the legal description of a property?

The county appraisal district websites are free and can provide you with the project owner’s name, mailing address, and legal description of the property. Make sure to search the real property records and not the business/personal property records.

To locate a county appraisal district website search online by typing (county name) Texas tax appraisal district website. For example: “Harris County, Texas, tax appraisal district website” or “Harris CAD.” Then select their “Property Search” link and enter owner’s name and/or street address to search for property information. Make sure you have identified the correct legal name of the owner of the property, it could also be a company name. Finding property information in the tax appraisal websites is sometimes difficult and although having the legal description in the lien documents is preferred, if you know the actual street address of the project, you may use that instead and your lien will still be valid.

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