Mechanic’s Lien Form – Get Paid, Construction Contractor

The Engineering News-Record reported in a recent article that Despite Residential Slowdown, Construction Added 13,000 Jobs in June. The author states specialty trade contractors lead the job growth trend.

This is good news for both general and specialty contractors, but it doesn’t eliminate the problem of waiting for payment for work you’ve already completed. However, there are laws that can help you get the money you are owed.

Do you know that filing a mechanic’s lien form is a powerful tool?

One of the first things you learned when you began working in construction is the value of using the right tool to get the job done. For instance, you know the difference between a framing hammer and a roofing hammer. Even if your crews use pneumatic nailers most of the time, a roofing hatchet with a magnetic edge can be just what a they need in a tight spot.

A mechanic’s lien form can motivate a general contractor or property owner to move your invoice into the to-be-paid pile. In Texas, a state statute describes the steps to filing a mechanic’s lien form. This law exists to protect the rights of contractors.

How does it help a contractor get paid?

Filing a mechanic’s lien is not difficult, but it can be complicated. You must correctly fill out the mechanic’s lien form, and there are important deadlines to meet.

However, once the lien is recorded, the property owner can’t sell their property or get a loan against it until they pay you. Then you, as the contractor, will file a Release of Lien form to prove they have paid you.

What are the first steps in filing a mechanic’s lien form?

Consider these questions to determine if you are eligible to file a mechanic’s lien.

• Did you provide labor for a project?
• Did you furnish materials used on the project?
• Are you a design professional who provides services on the job?
• Did your company create specially fabricated materials for the job?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you can read a quick review of the process on the Texas Bar website.

Since filing the lien can be difficult and hiring an attorney is expensive, Texas Easy Lien has developed an online system to walk you through the process. You provide the information, review, and approve the documents—and then choose to file and send the required notices, or have us do it on your behalf.

You won’t need to leave your desk or stand in line at the County Clerk’s office. Instead, visit for all the information you need to file a mechanic’s lien.

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