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Can I file a lien as a professional designer?

The Texas Property Code states that an architect, engineer, or surveyor who prepare plans or plats must have a written contract with the owner or the owner's agent, trustee, or receiver in connection with the actual or proposed design, construction, or repair of improvements on real property or the location of the boundaries of real property can file lien on the property.In other words, any designer who prepares plans or plats under or by virtue of a contract with someone other than the owner is not entitled to file a lien on a property.

I did not qualify for a lien – what now?

The Texas Easy Lien system provides a simplified version of the lien and bond laws and does not account for numerous exceptions that may exist. If you did not qualify for a lien or bond with Texas Easy Lien, you should immediately consult with your lawyer because you might still qualify to file a lien or assert a bond claim.

Will Texas Easy Lien provide documents for any Public Works Project?

Currently, Texas Easy Lien provides help preparing bond claim documents only for State Public Projects. If you are owed in a construction project that is owned by a Federal Entity, we suggest you immediately consult with your lawyer to assert your rights.